A crown is required when a tooth is badly broken or heavily restored. The tooth is prepared and impressions taken. A precise model is then made on which a hand crafted crown is made specifically for your tooth. Porcelain to gold bonded crowns combine the aesthetics of porcelain and the strength of gold. They are great for back teeth.

Crowns are made of a variety of materials, and new materials are continually being introduced. Here are some of the options available at present:

  • Porcelain bonded to precious metal: This is what the majority of crowns are made from. A precious metal base is made and porcelain is then applied in layers over it.
  • Porcelain: These crowns are not as strong as bonded crowns but they can look verynatural and are most often used for front teeth, especially for younger people.
  • Precious metal (gold and palladium): These crowns are very strong and hard wearing, but are usually used at the back of the mouth, where they are not visible.