Teeth whitening can make you feel more positive, happier, more confident and transform your life. It can even give your career a boost!

The majority of teeth stains can be removed which may be caused by tea, coffee, red wine, tobacco and intrinsic staining which occurs inside the teeth.

There are several companies currently expounding the virtues of their particular system for whitening teeth.

We use a same day system, but also suggest that patients use an at home (mouth guard) system, to top up and achieve the best result possible. Whitening gel is provided for three weeks of home use.

At Home Whitening

An impression is taken of the upper and lower arches, and small gum shields which cover the teeth to be whitened are made. Whitening gel is then placed in the trays on the part which will touch the front surfaces of the teeth to be bleached, these trays are worn for two hours each evening.

Tooth Whitening can bring an amazing change in your smile